Are you considering electric vehicle charging stations (EVCSs) across your organisation? How about pairing EVCS with smart grid integration?

Join our new webinar series, offering impartial advice and guidance to help you get started with EVCS, on-site solar and battery energy storage systems (BESS) and get the most from your investment.

PLUS: Anybody who attends the webinars will receive a digital copy of our EV Technical Guide.

Why should you investigate solar and BESS for electric vehicles?

Increasing the production and use of renewable energy from low carbon sources is one of the measures being proposed to support the UK’s journey towards net zero by 2050. And not just on a national scale.

By installing smart grid infrastructure in their buildings and sites, organisations can take advantage of on-site solar and battery energy storage to unlock cheaper, greener and more reliable energy. These technologies can prevent costly power supply upgrades, reduce carbon footprint and support the transition to net zero.

For landlords, industrial building owners, local authorities and major building operators such as healthcare, airports, leisure and retail, this is a huge opportunity. Especially when you consider:

  • New buildings including supermarkets and workplaces must install EV charging facilities under new regulations from 2022. This includes those undergoing major refurbishment.
  • Solar and BESS will offer greater stability against volatile energy prices, particularly with increasing demand due to EV charging requirements.
  • BESS can also be a greener and cheaper solution than upgrading network supplies to overcome grid constraints if the electricity connection isn’t large enough to supply more energy to support EV charging.
  • These technologies can also support overall sustainability strategies and carbon reduction targets. A first life 360 kWh BESS can give a benefit of 329 tonnes of CO2 emissions over the life of the system and a second life BESS 473t CO2e, according to research by Lancaster University.

How can Bureau Veritas help?

Despite the clear opportunity, there remains a lack of knowledge and understanding amongst building managers, facilities managers, energy managers and others in a position to invest in smart grid technologies. It can be difficult to access technical advice from independent partners, whilst managing the installation process can be complex and time consuming.

That’s why we’re hosting a series of three 30-minute breakfast club webinars, exploring everything you need to know about EV charging with the potential for smart grid integration - from impartial technical experts.

  1. Focus on EV charging – getting started with EV charging infrastructure at your premises. 25th May, 09:00
  2. Smart grid solutions with BESS – understanding the benefits of battery energy storage for a complete smart grid solution. 8th June, 09:00
  3. How on-site solar can provide cleaner, greener power – what you need to know to de-risk your solar installation and tap into cheaper, greener energy. 22nd June 09:00

Each webinar has been developed and will be delivered by experienced consultants from the Bureau Veritas Electrical team. We are in the unique position of being able to offer guidance and advice across all technologies, with no hidden agenda because we are not affiliated with any provider of EV charging or renewable energy generation equipment.

All three webinars are free to attend but you must register in advance.

Apr. 25 2022