Michael Barry - Engineering Surveyor


Career Story: Michael Barry

Aug. 24 2020

How long have you worked in the Engineering industry?

Having joined the industry in 1988 I have 32 years of experience. I spent 26 of those years in the army where I trained as a vehicle mechanic, spending seven years based at Army head-quarters working in quality assurance. In this role I would carry out audits worldwide on assets to ensure they were maintained in the right condition and used in the correct way. This increased my experience across a wide variety of vehicles and equipment, including medical equipment for instance.

How long have you worked with Bureau Veritas?

I joined Bureau Veritas in August 2019.

Can you give a brief description of your job role?

I am a crane surveyor in the mechanical division of the business. My days are scheduled by the centralised planning team, I then liaise with clients to plan out my day to best fit their schedule. In my role I visit a wide range of client sites where I carry out thorough examinations on a variety of different assets and then the report my findings to the client.

Having been with the company for 12 months, has your perception of Bureau Veritas changed?

Honestly, no. It is mostly what I expected as I knew a number of people within the business before joining. They have worked with the Bureau Veritas for a while and given me a clear idea of what to expect. Additionally, I know lots of people in the field in similar job roles. The experience I have gained in my career so far has enabled me to build my knowledge of the industry and I typically know what to expect from this kind of role.

How has the journey of joining Bureau Veritas been for you? Right through from the induction to being on site?

For the most part it’s been very easy and straight forward. There are some elements of the role that are new to me and I have had to adapt, such as liaising closely with the client to confirm my schedule efficiently.

The training engineers receive when joining Bureau Veritas is valuable in the early stages of the role, but one thing I have found is that you learn the most about the role over time. Once settled into the role, you really learn how to work effectively.

If you were to change anything about your first 12 months with the company what would you change?

I honestly would not change much at all. I’m quite happy with my role and I really enjoy getting out with the variety of clients and working with a wide array of assets. I feel that the structure of the business is set up well for how it needs to run. I found that building a strong relationship with your planner early on assists with settling into the role following the completion of your initial training.

What are the highlights of your role?

The variety of the role. The highlight for me is being able to interact with lots of different clients, across various working sites, in all kinds of sectors and industries.

Within that, there are some really interesting sites that I get to visit that I would probably not get to visit in a different role. I’m a real sports car fan and I have had the opportunity to visit small garages that work with vintage Porsches for instance. With site visits like this I can get up close to niche equipment and assets part of my job that are also close to my own interests.

What aspirations do you have for your career and do you think these can be achieved at Bureau Veritas?

Based on previous experience, I found that I enjoy developing and motivating people to operate efficiently and with pride. My ambition is to establish myself in a role that is responsible for managing people and influencing operational processes to improve them. What I find motivating is having the responsibility of a team and being able to demonstrate achievement through our work. In my career I have gained management experience ranging in commercial environments to military operations; for instance in my last role I was directly responsible for 40 engineers, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also thrive in a role that requires a hands-on approach, and working with Bureau Veritas I know that this opportunity is possible.

If you had to describe Bureau Veritas in three words, what would they be?

Challenging, Varied & Fulfilling.