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Career Story:

Lee Botham

Dec. 14 2020

Lee Botham is a Team Leader for the Electrical South Region at Bureau Veritas and has been with the company since 2017. Read about what Lee’s role entails below.

Can you provide a brief overview of your role?

I am a dual-skilled engineer and I conduct fixed electrical testing and inspection reporting work. This involves thoroughly inspecting electrical installations during client site visits to ensure that they adhere to electrical safety regulations. Once the inspections are complete, I am responsible for producing a report of the findings, which includes any faults identified that the client should be aware of, as well as providing advice and solutions to ensure that they can continue to ensure compliance moving forward. I’m also qualified to carry out COSHH inspections, which involve Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) extract equipment.

What does being an electrical engineer entail?

Typically, with regard to the fixed electrical testing and inspections, I work on planning and liaising with the client to understand the nature of the work required, if there are any potential restrictions such as isolating power or potential hazards, before identifying how may many days would be allocated to successfully carry out the inspections.

I would then have a thorough look at the electrical installations and test a sample of the circuits presented, depending on the specification, and then prepare a report which includes test results, observations and recommendations which is then communicated back to the client.

I also inform the client of when the next set of electrical inspections are due, which can be completed on a five-yearly basis, although if it is an industrial site this should be carried out on a three-yearly basis.

What projects have you worked on in this role that you are particularly proud of?

Working for Bureau Veritas as an engineer has given me the opportunity to work across many interesting sites and companies, we have a broad portfolio of well-respected and recognised blue-chip companies, for which I carry out various electrical compliance, which is great because I gain a lot of exposure to new working environments regularly.

Recently, I worked at a well-known iconic site in Central London right next to Tower Bridge. I really enjoyed just being there and because of the nature of the work that I conduct I have the opportunity to view parts of the site that ordinary members of the public (or even those who work there on a day-to-day basis) would not necessarily be exposed to frequently. It’s a really interesting aspect of the role.

What do you enjoy most about your day to day role?

I’m a people person and a bit of a chatterbox so I enjoy the interactions that I’m able to have with different people across different sites on a regular basis. This is great because the role enables me to indulge that side of my personality.

If you could swap your role for a day in the life of another colleague from Bureau Veritas who would it be and why?

I would choose a crane engineer, more specifically one of the guys who carry out the mechanical inspections on the cranes, because I quite like the idea of overcoming a fear of climbing all the way to the top and being able to have a look in out the window where the operator sits. I think this would be a fun thing to do and not many people get to experience it.

As we all know, Covid-19 has impacted everyone across the world. In your world, and as an engineer, what effect did it have in your day to day?

Fortunately, in my day to day duties as an electrical test engineer, the Covid-19 pandemic has not affected me to carry out the role. However, in order to keep health and safety, we are required to fill out a specific questionnaire prior to attending the site to make sure we avoid the spreading of the virus.

Our mission at Bureau Veritas is to shape a world of trust and to truly believe we contribute to bettering society. We empower our people to leave their mark, which is a true challenge for each of us. Lee, how do you feel you leave your mark?

On the face of it, the work that I am involved in can seem to be fairly routine and mundane, but my role helps to potentially save lives, prevent loss, stop people from coming to harm and reduce damage to properties. That is how I think I leave my mark at Bureau Veritas.