Jamie Dyson Career Story


Career Story: Jamie Dyson

Jul. 16 2019

Name: Jamie Dyson

Job Title: Engineer Surveyor

How long have you worked in the engineering industry?

I have worked in engineering for over nine years now. My dad was a service engineer which really drove me to pursue a career in engineering. In addition to that, I have always enjoyed understanding how things work and pressing buttons, and getting told off for doing so! I joined the inspection industry through an apprenticeship with a steel manufacturing company before I joined Bureau Veritas four years ago. I then left Bureau Veritas earlier this year to join another inspection company before returning to Bureau Veritas recently.

Can you give a brief description of your job role?

My role involves supporting new and existing mechanical clients through inspecting a variety of lifting equipment from cranes to pallet trucks, to ensure that they meet Health and Safety legislative requirements. Once I have carried out the inspection, a report is produced for the client so that they are clear on what the inspection determined and what needs rectifying. My discipline is predominantly crane, but I do have cross-skilled competency to also carry out pressure inspections.

What are the most appealing attributes to working with Bureau Veritas?

There are a number of things that stand out for me, firstly the flexibility in the role is key. I am given a number of inspections for clients who are scheduled in each day and within that I can manage my time and workload as it fits best. Area managers oversee everything we do but overall we are left to get on with our work. That level of flexibility is beneficial in managing a good work – life balance and compared to roles I have had elsewhere, Bureau Veritas do this very well.

Another key attribute is having happy clients. Through our good quality service and meeting our client’s demands, we build really strong relationships. I have a few regular clients who I have been seeing for a number of years which allows me to build a rapport and ensure that they are happy. It’s not always perfect, but our clients tend to be great to work with.

In addition to this, the team that I work with are really great. Everyone is so down to earth and there is a strong feeling of teamwork. Although we do not see each other every day, any one of us can reach out to another for support, including the area managers.

Finally, every day is different which keeps me on my toes. I never know what the day will bring and this ensures that every day is kept interesting!

With your experience of the Testing, Inspection and Certification industry, what do you feel Bureau Veritas do well and not so well?

We always have the client’s best interests at heart however, like anywhere else I have worked, at times we can manage this better. The general belief should be that every client that we work with is important no matter who they are. At the end of the day, our reputation could be at stake.

One thing that I have personally found Bureau Veritas to be very good at is supporting employees both inside and out of work. If I ever have any personal problems, I would always feel supported particularly by my manager, which I have found to be very important.

What projects have you worked on in this role that have been particularly interesting and therefore a highlight of your career so far?

I would say that a key project that stands out for me personally is working on a big contract with one of the largest UK Port companies on their docks and containers. I have found that the team have been such a pleasure to work with and with the contract growing, it simply reflects the strength of the relationship we have with the client.

I had previously worked at a car company which taught me how complicated it can be working with ports and this massively helped me in supporting our client to meet their needs. Thanks to this kind of opportunity through working at Bureau Veritas brings great potential for training and progression.

Looking back over your career so far, what stands out as the best decision that you have made?

I would honestly say, taking the leap and joining Bureau Veritas in 2015. I decided to actually leave the company a few months back which only made me realise that Bureau Veritas was where I wanted to be. Joining four years ago was a turning point for my career as it was my first inspection job and it really has shaped my career. The role allows me to be out and about, meeting with clients, managing my own time and genuinely feel like I am making a difference.

Given the nature of our business and the service that we provide, we are keeping people safe. This includes my family and friends and for me that’s important and only drives me to do well for the company.

What are the most important skills that you think would benefit you most when considering a career in engineering?

The skills that I picked up in maintenance roles before my inspection role has benefitted me massively. When looking for defects and things on assets that are wrong, understanding how it works and how it can be fixed, allows you to depict what is wrong.

I would also say communication is key. Since joining Bureau Veritas my communication has improved which in turn has developed my relationship with clients. Being on the same page with clients helps me in my role and keeping the client happy.