Bureau Veritas Set To Drive Carbon Neutral

Nov. 16 2020

Bureau Veritas has partnered with Shell to help enable our fleet to drive carbon neutral1 by protecting and replanting forests, reinforcing our commitment to supporting the environment and delivering services in the most sustainable way.

Our carbon impact has reduced each year for the last three years through efficiency measures which include more effective scheduling of our activities to reduce mileage and implementation of low energy technology in our offices.

Now, by opting into Shell’s carbon offsetting service, we are taking steps to offset unavoidable carbon emissions from our fleet of vehicles. Under the scheme, Shell will purchase carbon credits for every litre of fuel supplied, from a portfolio of carefully chosen nature-based projects – such as forest developments or grassland preservation projects – that capture and store carbon from the atmosphere.

Our CO2e emissions are calculated over a calendar year by multiplying the litres of fuel purchased via the Shell Card by the applicable emissions factor. Crucially, we will receive a Verified Carbon Reduction Certificate annually, including the details of the CO2e emissions that have been offset and the projects from where the carbon credits have been sourced.

Ken Smith, UK CEO for Bureau Veritas, said: “This was an easy decision for us to make, opting into a fantastic initiative which can help us to offset unavoidable carbon emissions by investing in protecting and replanting forests.

Our carbon impact has reduced each year for the last three but we were keen to make this next step as part of our corporate responsibility programme.

“These nature-based projects protect, enhance or restore natural ecosystems, including reforestation, to absorb and store carbon dioxide and other greenhouses gases. They also benefit local communities by funding activities such as improved access to schools, and freshwater and sanitation. We are delighted to be doing our bit to drive a positive impact on communities around the world by offsetting through verified projects.”

Duncan van Bergen, Vice President of Nature-Based Solutions at Shell said: “We are delighted to be working with Bureau Veritas and we thank them for deciding to compensate the full lifecycle product CO2 emissions through their investment in Shell’s global nature-based solutions portfolio.

“Nature is vital in tackling climate change and is an important element of the pathway to a lower-carbon future. Nature offers immediate, scalable and cost-effective pathways to significant emission reductions, which are necessary for society to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change.”

For more information on the scheme, click here.

  1. Carbon Neutral” indicates that the CO2e lifecycle emissions of this product have been offset with verified nature-based carbon credits. This means that Shell has engaged in a transaction where an amount of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) that is associated with the raw material extraction, transport, production, distribution, use of the fuel has been removed from the atmosphere through a nature based process, or emissions were saved through the avoided degradation of natural ecosystems.
  2. “CO2e (CO2 equivalent) emissions” means CO2, CH4, N2O  greenhouse gas emissions.