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Your sustainability compliance challenge

Achieving and maintaining legal compliance is essential to prevent the risk of litigation and/or financial penalty, not to mention the reputational damage that could be experienced in the event of non-compliance of legal issues concerning sustainability.

However, it can often be a challenge for global organisations to manage and meet statutory requirements within each local country. Legislation will inevitably differ from country to country, but the requirement to meet regulations whilst remaining competitive remains constant.

How we support you

We work closely with clients to offer a full range of legal compliance services including development of legal registers, horizon scanning to prepare for major economic or regulatory changes such as Brexit, and legal compliance auditing.

A legal register offers a comprehensive summary of all relevant obligations for an organisation when operating across different countries, including national and international legislation, codes, guides and standards.


  • Better understand your legal requirements across countries

  • Complete gaps within knowledge of local regulation and reduce reliance on fragmented knowledge sources

  • Help ensure risk is adequately mitigated in each of these countries

  • Provide confidence to manage international property portfolios by providing the knowledge of the legal requirements

  • Gain support from an experienced team of qualified sustainability experts, with global presence and local understanding

  • Access a complete range of sustainability services from Bureau Veritas, a global leader in testing, inspection and certification

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