Our Vision of Leadership at Bureau Veritas

We serve as guardians of integrity, upholding the highest standards responsibly. We create trust between businesses and those they serve, demonstrating the ambition to work hard and the humility to learn and grow. We cultivate an open and inclusive environment wherever we operate. And ethics, safety and financial control serve as the foundation for our shared culture.


LEAD THROUGH – BV Absolutes and Values

Role Model - BV Absolutes and Values and expects the same for our teams

Lead & inspire - our teams and those that we comes in contact with to behave in line with BV Absolutes and Values


DRIVE – Vision and Purpose

Contribute - to shaping the future, bringing energy, optimism and personal leadership

BV Ambassador - sharing the vision and purpose inside & outside BV

Creates milestones and symbols to gain understanding and momentum with their people

Works co-operatively with others across the organization to achieve shared objectives

BUILD – Engaged Teams

Attracts and selects diverse and high calibre talent to meet the Group’s needs

Translates the BV vision, purpose and strategy in a way that people can relate to

Provides our teams with guidance needed for individual and collective success, favouring open dialogue and collaboration spirit

Creates an environment where safety, health and well-being of our team members is a priority

GROW PEOPLE – For Today and Tomorrow’s challenges and successes

Fulfils short-term needs and sees ahead future possibilities; anticipates the need for future skills and roles, assessing our teams fairly and efficiently

Provides feedback on a regular basis; regularly coaches or mentors our teams

Empowers our teams

Encourages a growth mindset, devoting time and means to develop our teams