Our Values

Our Values

trust, ambition, responsibility, being open & Inclusive – supported at the core by our ethics, safety focus and strong financial controls

In Bureau Veritas we have a Code of Ethics that each employee and supplier partners sign up to.  This is our statement about now what we do, we how we do it.

We unite technical expertise, performance and innovation for our clients to help them manage quality, health & safety, environmental protection and social responsibility challenges.

Bureau Veritas have been awarded a RoSPA Gold medal for the seventh consecutive year. RoSPA is the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents – and this is a recognition of leadership and workforce involvement in Health and Safety at work.

Inclusion is a pillar of our HR strategy. We see your unique background and experience as a source of enrichment for the Company.  We want our company to be as diverse as the world we live in.

Our HR teams adopt inclusive approaches into the way we recruit, the way we train.  It is our belief that inclusion is indeed a key differentiator, driving our performance and growth.

In 2016, Bureau Veritas officially launched its inclusion strategy, through a formal commitment signed by our CEO and all Executive Vice Presidents.



We value open-minded people who make decisions based on facts and data and without bias. For us, Inclusion means we attract, select and retain the best people irrespective of gender, nationality, background, sexual orientation, origin, ethnicity, disability…. And so on.

A key priority for Bureau Veritas is to accelerate Gender Balance and to have 25% of our senior management to be women by 2020.

We also need to lead by example at the Executive Committee level: Today, the percentage of women on the Global Executive Committee is 20%, compared to 0% in early 2017.

Promoting Inclusion is about creating an inclusive culture where talent is selected based on the basis of merit: we want to attract new talent to create a workforce enriched with a diversity of different cultures, beliefs and professional backgrounds.

Our CEO, Didier Michaud-Daniel is the first Bureau Veritas spokesman on Inclusion. His vision is for Bureau Veritas to become a model of Inclusion, seen by others as best in class and fully representative of the clients and society that we serve.