Sam Dodd Career Story


Career Story: Sam Dodd

Apr. 23 2019

What is your current role at Bureau Veritas and can you give a brief overview of what your role entails?

I am currently a Project Manager for the Certification division at Bureau Veritas. This role sits within the operational side of the business whereby I am the point of contact for a number of key certification clients. This involves managing the clients’ certifications so that they remain valid, ensuring the audits are delivered on time and generally bringing additional value to our activity. This can involve overseeing the quality of the management information that we send to clients and how we, as a certification partner, can improve and grow our relationship. My role is very client orientated and relationship focused which is something that I really enjoy. It has also given me the opportunity to work closely with large brands.

How long have you been with Bureau Veritas?

Overall I have been a part of Bureau Veritas for seven and a half years, in four different roles. I joined the business within an embedded team. I then moved into a role within the Bureau Veritas bid team in Manchester, supporting on all tenders across the business. This brought an opportunity to be a part of an account management team, who manage our service offering with a key client.  After nearly two years within the team, I moved onto my current role as a Certification Project Manager in 2018.

Having been in a number of varied roles, what about Bureau Veritas has enticed you to move to a different division as opposed to leaving the business?

When I joined Bureau Veritas, I had just finished University which meant I was at the very start of my career and keen to get an understanding of what I would enjoy pursuing. By joining a company like Bureau Veritas, I felt there would be a stronger element of support in trying something new and being exposed to development opportunities. I have been lucky enough to get the opportunity to progress through various internal roles and therefore network with the wider business and build relationships, so I have never felt the need to move on.

My managers have also been very supportive. When I have raised the topic of wanting to move on or explore development opportunities elsewhere in the business, my managers have always pushed for this as opposed to try to change my mind. When you consider Bureau Veritas as a whole, no matter what level you are at in the business, there is always development opportunities available.

Which has been your favourite division and why?

I loved the bid team role. Although I was only with the team for 18 months, it gave me the opportunity to move up to Manchester and enjoy the independence that I enjoyed so much during university. Having been in an embedded role previously, the bid role gave me a wider understanding of the business as a whole. In addition to this, I met new people in the business and made new friends which in turn opened up opportunities and led me to my second role.

What sort of development opportunities are available at Bureau Veritas?

There is such a wide variety. One example is the Bureau Veritas talent pool programme which works as a vehicle for progression within the business. I was asked to be a part of the programme a few years ago and as a part of the scheme, each participant had a mentor from the Executive team who would give useful guidance and development opportunity advice.

In addition to internal courses, there are opportunities to complete external development courses that can add value to your role. For instance, I recently completed a week-long project management course as a part of progressing in my role. It was something that I requested and the business supported through funding and allowing the week to complete. Communication is key to progression.

What is your favourite part of your day-to-day role?

I really enjoy the client relationship side of my role and how relationship focused it is. The role requires me to establish a rapport with the clients directly so that you start to build a much friendlier and relaxed approach to the relationship. For instance, you will start to know your client more personally and be able to have those open discussions which in turn helps me in my role.

I also enjoy the atmosphere in the office. Having been in a number of our offices, no matter which office you are in there is a friendly and sociable environment.

What key piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

Make sure you maintain a good work-life balance. Stay positive when things are challenging and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.