Second Party Audits


Independent Assessments of your suppliers’ performance

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Increasingly complex global supply chains and greater awareness of Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) from consumers mean it has never been more important to monitor the performance of those organisations within your supply chain.

Poor standards from suppliers in relation to safety, ethics or sustainability performance can affect your own reputation. Bureau Veritas offers a solution with trusted second party audits to assess the performance of your suppliers and help protect brand reputation.


UK Certification Audit Manager

Bureau Veritas

“Second party supplier audits provide you with the confidence you need that your suppliers are performing to internal, sector or international standards. Crucially, they can reduce the risk of your own brand reputation being damaged by the performance of those in your supply chain.”

How we can help you

Our global team of sector specialists work in partnership with you to develop bespoke audits tailored to your individual requirements. This may include quality, safety, environmental and social responsibility, as well as contractual performance.

Once the scope of the audit has been confirmed, we undertake a comprehensive audit of your suppliers’ performance against defined standards and provide a full report based on findings.

This solution can provide you with the insight and confidence you need to maintain standards throughout your supply chain and protect your business from the risk of reputational damage.


  • Improve credibility and reduce the risk of reputational damage caused by organisations within your supply chain
  • Independent assessment of your suppliers’ performance in line with your internal, sector-specific, national and international standards
  • Trusted support from a global leader in testing, inspection and certification
  • Experienced team of specialists operating across the UK and worldwide  


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