Global Wind Organisation (GWO) Training

Global Wind Organisation (GWO) Training

Certification Services

The Global Wind Organisation (GWO) is a non-profit making body founded by leading manufacturers and operators from across the wind turbine industry. It sets out fully audited training standards designed to reduce risk, improve safety and promote best practice throughout the sector.

Working under the guidance of the GWO can support those in the industry to manage and reduce safety hazards on site, whilst improving the knowledge and performance of employees. However, to deliver GWO-standard training to your employees, you will need to become an approved GWO training facility, which means working closely with a GWO certification body.


Bureau Veritas is proud to be an approved GWO certification body, with a team of highly-skilled, UK-based auditors ready to work with your organisation towards gaining full GWO trainer status.  

We are approved by the GWO to audit all of their training standards, including Basic Safety Training, Technical Training, Advanced Rescue Training, Enhanced First Aid, Blade Repair and Slinger/Signaller courses.



  • Attract talent with a robust and formally recognised training scheme
  • Improve the safety and performance of your employees
  • Maintain high standards of risk management across your facility
  • Offer training which is recognised by other manufacturers and operators within your industry
  • Independent certification and support from Bureau Veritas, with an experienced and highly skilled UK-based team of GWO auditors