Toys Testing

Toys Testing

Minimise the risk of liability, costly product returns and brand-damaging recalls

Your challenge

Safety and quality are fundamental concerns for all consumers, but particularly for parents who buy toys and other products related to children. In line with this, standards and regulations in multiple markets around the world have become increasingly stringent.

If your business has designed a new toy, game or child’s product that you want to manufacture and commercialise in Europe, or if you are looking at importing a toy from the Far East, navigating the regulatory minefield can be a daunting exercise. 

Common questions include consumer safety and compliance, the application of government standards, your obligations and responsibilities in the European market – and, of course, which tests you need to carry out to make sure you adhere to all these rules.

How we support you

Our services are designed to assist toy manufacturers, importers, and distributors in minimising the risk of liability, costly product returns and brand-damaging recalls. 

We also provide one-to-one consultancy services for start-up toy companies, with a focus on regulatory and compliance guidance. Our cost-efficient service offers professional and personalised regulatory and technical advice, from design evaluation through to testing and labelling requirements. 

We test and provide consultancy services in relation to soft toys, construction toys, electrical and electronic toys, action figures, accessories, ride-on toys, books, bicycles, balls, games, dolls, art and craft materials, seasonal novelties, collectibles, strollers, full-sized cribs, toddler beds, bunk beds, infant walkers, safety gates, hook-on chairs, reclined cradles and carriages and more.

Our services for toys and other children’s products include:

  • Physical testing

  • Toxicological evaluation

  • Destructive testing

  • Life/reliability testing

  • Comparison testing

  • Client specifications

  • Chemicals testing

  • Flammability testing

  • Electrical testing

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)


  • Achieve compliance with all relevant regulations

  • Minimise the risk of liability, costly product returns and recalls 

  • Support from gloal leaders with international technical expertise

  • Experienced team that understands your sector

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