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An experienced team of sustainability experts, on hand to support you with Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Your challenge

With an ever-increasing global focus on sustainability disclosure, CDP helps to provide information to stakeholders and investors, and improves transparency. Going through the CDP disclosure process also facilitates the identification and proactive management of potential risks and opportunities on climate change, forests and water. This, in turn, supports companies to future-proof their operations and organisation.

In existence since 2000, CDP has become the gold standard for carbon disclosure methodology and process, and provides essential climate change data to the global market. The CDP’s online database is the largest registry of corporate GHG emissions and corporate climate change strategies in the world.

How we support you

The deadline for submission in the current reporting cycle is 27th July 2022, but organisations are advised to act now. The CDP disclosure questionnaire is complex and if tailored advice and/ or verifications are required, it can take time to complete.

Bureau Veritas offers a specialist team of sustainability experts to support clients improve the quality and score of their CDP disclosure, either through consultancy or verification. We combine experience of the CDP scoring process with a strong track record in delivering sustainability services across all sectors

Our services
  1. Advisory and consultancy services - for those organisations that are looking to improve their CDP score or need support with their disclosure. This may be of particular use to those who are reporting for the first time, or companies that have seen their score decrease in recent years and need to look for areas of improvement.
  2. Gap analysis and verification – expert analysis and insight to help improve results for organisations that have already submitted to CDP in prior years. This includes independent verification of current data disclosed to CDP, an independent statement confirming that reported information is accurate and reliable, as well as a detailed analysis to assist organisations in driving improvements.
  3. Verification of CDP data –  Independent verification of data disclosed to CDP will increase your score as it helps meet additional criteria.  Verification of data also provides a more robust data set on which to base target and gives more confidence to stakeholders about the company’s data and commitment to sustainability.
As the 2020 CDP Global Scoring Partner, Bureau Veritas scored thousands of companies responses to the CDP climate change, water and forest questionnaire, which was used by CDP to rate companies and publish the scoring results.
  • Strong expertise built on more than ten years’ experience supporting organisations with their CDP submissions
  • A specialist sustainability team, combining regulatory understanding with a passion for driving sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategies
  • A full range of sustainability services including sustainability strategy, sustainable procurement, carbon services, legal compliance, assurance and verification

#AskTheExpert – CDP Carbon Management Disclosure

Watch our #AskTheExpert with Chris Jockel, talking about the Carbon Disclosure Project. CDP helps to provide information and improves transparency, to customers, stakeholders, and investors.

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) entails 279 questions for firms to answer around climate change, forests and water security. Our expert Chris Jockel explains the CDP disclosure process which can facilitate the identification and proactive management of potential risks and opportunities on climate change, forests, and water security.

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