Environmental Noise

Environmental Noise & Vibration

Noise and vibration assessments to satisfy planning or license permit applications

Your challenge

If you are planning a new industrial development which has the potential to produce noise and/or vibration that could affect existing residential or other noise-sensitive areas, you may be required to undertake a noise assessment as part of planning or licence permit applications. In addition, operators often also must satisfy Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) regulations which relate to how the environmental impacts of the site are managed.

The effects of existing noise and/or vibration on proposed sensitive development may also need to be assessed at an early stage to allow sustainable controls to be incorporated in their design.

How Bureau Veritas supports you

Our team of acoustics and vibration experts offer a wide range of services to support operators with environmental noise and vibration management and permit applications. These include:

  • Noise and vibration assessment to accompany a planning or licence permit application for new/modified industrial sites 

  • Prediction of noise propagation and impacts using complex 3D modelling software packages

  • Provision of engineering design advice to ensure that the noise and vibration emissions from a proposed new or modified/existing plant complies with appropriate limits

  • Full technical support following the EIA process from masterplan development, through the detailed impact assessment and support at Public Inquiries or Hearings as an Expert Witness

  • Policy advice and support to government and other regulatory bodies, including detailed review of robustness of noise and vibration assessments presented with planning applications

  • Liaison and negotiation with regulatory authorities regarding noise limits and planning or environmental licence permit conditions

  • Ambient noise and vibration monitoring to BS, EN and ISO standards 

  • Development of noise management plans and environmental noise management systems

  • Prediction and monitoring of construction noise and vibration

  • Prediction and measurement of road, rail and aircraft noise

  • Acoustic design advice and specification, including façade and room-space analysis

  • Construction Management Plans, and COPA Section 61 Agreements

Other related services offered include prediction, assessment and monitoring of construction noise/vibration, occupational noise and vibration risk assessments.


  • Meet the requirements of national and local planning policy and Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) regulations

  • Understand the effects of noise and/or vibration to optimise design

  • Specialist team of experts working as part of a wider global team

  • Experienced consultants are all members of the Institute of Acoustics (IoA)

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