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  • Coordinated REACH Compliance Enforcement Project Starts

    May 2009 

    Chemicals REACHBulletin Summary      

    A joint enforcement project has started across the European Union called REACH-EN-FORCE-1. Under the program, national inspectors are checking pre-registrations, registrations and where applicable, the provisions for Safety Data Sheets. In addition, the Forum for the Exchange of Information on Enforcement for REACH reviewed the start of this project in May 2009 and agreed to further steps for enforcing legislation.?


    What is the Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement?
    The Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement is a body for exchange of information on and coordination of the activities related to the enforcement of chemicals legislation. The Forum is coordinating a network of Member States’ authorities responsible for the enforcement of the regulation. One of its principal tasks is to identify enforcement strategies, as well as best practice in enforcement, such as REACH-EN-FORCE-1. The enforcement project of the Forum enforces the core principle of REACH: “No data, No market.”


    What is the Objective of REACH-EN-FORCE-1?
    The REACH-EN-FORCE-1 project will give some indication of the level of REACH compliance enforcement on manufacturers and importers (including only representatives) in the EU and European Economic Area.  It also enhances the capacity of the authorities to enforce REACH. A designated National Coordinator will oversee the implementation in each participating country and provide training for local inspectors. These National Coordinators were trained in April 2009 by the Forum Working Group which is preparing to report on results in early 2010. The Forum is also preparing a second coordinated project to be launched in 2010.


    The Focus of Enforcement under REACH-EN-FORCE-1
    REACH restricts the use of certain dangerous substances, and for other substances of very high concern (SVHC) will require use-specific authorisation. The trained Inspectors in the participating countries will focus on the phase-in substances (existing substances) and check whether companies have submitted a pre-registration or a registration and, where necessary, a Safety Data Sheet has been supplied. For the purposes of enforcement, the requirements imposed by REACH can be divided up into three general areas, in terms of the nature of the duties that are placed on the target groups:
    • Registration related duties, imposed on manufacturers and importers
    • Supply chain related duties, applicable to all target groups where appropriate
    • Use related duties, applicable to all target groups where appropriate.


    About REACH
    REACH creates a fundamentally new approach to chemicals control. Under REACH, manufacturers or importers of substances or substances in preparations or substances to be released from articles who produce or bring them into the EU in volumes of 1 tonne or more per year, around 30,000 substances, will have to register them with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and submit information on properties, uses, and safe ways of handling them. Distributors must also communicate safety information down the supply chain to “downstream users” so that they know how to use the substances without creating risks for workers, consumers and the environment. 

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