Service name Description
Chemical Health Environment Safety System (CHESS) Managing chemicals more effectively
Chemical Management Services and REACH Protecting people and the environment
Children's Books Testing Safety testing for the European Market
Classification Code Services (CCS) For greater reliability in trade facilitation within Government contracts as well as other non Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) countries.
Classification of ships and Offshore Units Providing assurances about vessel safety and reliability
Climate Bonds Specifically used to finance projects that reduce GHG emissions
Climate Change Services Validation and verification services to support greenhouse gas reduction
Consumer Product Testing Services Managing Risk and Protecting Your Brand
Consumer Product Training Services Knowledge and Skills for Your Company
Corporate Responsibility and Assurance Providing the accountability and credibility your stakeholders expect
Crude Oil Independent verification on a global scale
Crude Oil & Petroleum Products inspection Delivering assurance on the quality and quantity of your shipments
Design Review Providing confidence that your design achieves regulatory and best practice standards
Diesel Fuel Testing Global Leaders in EN 590 Diesel Fuel Testing
Trampoline Safety Testing EU compliance of domestic trampolines
Draught Survey Determining the weight of a cargo while on board a vessel
EIME: Lifecycle Assessment Software Measuring the environmental impact of your products
EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) Verification against EU climate change regulations
EUTR - Timber Regulation Due Diligence Solution With Bureau Veritas Certification, demonstrate the legal origin of your timber and trade in confidence.
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